Pengertian dan Contoh Determiner

Determiner adalah kata atau kelompok kata yang ditempatkan di depan noun untuk membatasi noun tersebut. Di traditional grammar, determiner sering disebut limiting adjective, walaupun berbeda maknanya dengan adjective biasa.

Dalam bahasa inggris, determiner ini dikelompokkan menjadi beberapa bagian, yaitu :

1. Definite article (the)
Ex :
- On sunday, an unarmed man stole Rp. from the bank. The thief hasn't been caught yet.
- I was walking past Ichsan's Bakery when I decided to go into the bakery to get some bread.
- There's a position available in my team. The job will involve some international travel.

2. Indefinite article (a,an)
    Dalam bahasa inggris, Indefinite article ini ada dua, yaitu a dan an. Seperti artikel lainnya, indefinite article ini bisa berubah-ubah. Untuk menggunakan satu dengan yang lain, tergantung pada huruf pertamanya.

Ex :
- a boy (karena berawalan huruf konsonan, maka digunakan a)
- an umbrella (karena berawalan huruf vokal, maka digunakan an)
- a university (pada kata ini, university dibaca dengan awalan konsonan(yuniversity), jadi tetap menggunakan a)

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3. Demonstrative

Ex :
- This apple is yours
- that apple is yours
- these apples is yours
- those apples is your

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4. Pronouns

Ex :
- I am seventeen years old
- give the book to me
- this is our house
- this car is mine
- I told myself to calm down

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5. Quantifier

Ex :
- would you like some tea and a few cookies ?
- I always put a little milk and some carrots in my soup.
- He has several apples. I don't have any fruit at all.

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6. Numbers

Ex :
- here are seventeen people in this class.
- he was the sixteen person to win the award.
- I must have asked you twenty times to be quiet.

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7. Distributives

Ex :
- Each child received a present.
- Every child received a present.
- All apple contains protein.
- I bought half a kilo of flour.
- Both children were born in indonesia.
- Either day is fine to me
- Neither sister came

8. Difference Words
OtherPlural countable nouns and all uncountable nouns
AnotherSingular countable nouns
The otherAny noun that can take the definite article "the"
Ex :
- There are other jobs you could try
- Have another cookie
- Ichsan ate two cookies. I ate the other

9. Pre-determiners
    Pre-determiners biasanya ditempatkan sebelum Indefinite article + adjective + noun untuk mengungkapkan pendapat kata benda yang mereka modifikasi.

Ex :
- She's such a beautiful woman
- what a lovely day
- it was quite a nice day 
- it's rather a small car